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*Backyards will be invoiced on a month-to-month basis or annually for a one-time, upfront payment. Final pricing will be determined upon a visual inspection. An email with an invoice will then be sent. Once paid, the backyard will be added to the regular service schedule. Should the contract be cancelled, a prorated amount for the remainder of the contract will be given to the homeowner. * Sergio’s Landscape & Irrigation has the right to refuse service should a contract be cancelled during the non-growing season and the homeowner wishes to sign back up for service during the growing season. * Backyard service will strictly follow the above schedule. * Months listed are estimated dates of completion and will vary on climate conditions. * Objects in the backyard will not be moved and will be worked around, this also includes dog droppings. * If backyard has not been serviced and is taller than 5 inches, Sergio’s Landscape & Irrigation has the right to charge a cleanup fee that will be determined prior to first service. * Any backyard with locked gates and/or pets unleashed will not receive service for that week. * A 3”x4” Sergio’s Landscape & Irrigation sign will be posted on your back fence to indicate backyard service.

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