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Rock Patios


Rock Patios are a good incorporation to your landscape plans. Adding patios to your front of back yard gives you the extra outdoor floor space that you can use for various activities. Aside of the added outdoor floor space, it also increases the value of your home. Designing a patio for your home should start with a few considerations. These include the location of your patio, what to use for creating this particular space and what rock material and mortar color to use.

Sergio's Landscape & Irrigation can help you put together the best patio at your needs.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for adding extra space to your driveway, flattening out your back yard for a playing area or even holding up a pool.

When planning to build a retaining wall there are a few consideration on what material to use.


Natural StoneNatural stone walls are perfect when going for the "Natural Landscape Look" 


Retaining Wall Blocks/Modular BlockStill the most popular rock material around. They are offered in in many standard or blended colors.

Outdoor Kitchen

Thinking of having an outdoor kitchen on your patio or back yard, to enjoy with the company of your family and friends?

When planning on having an outdoor kitchen added to your back yard renovation or patio landscaping plans, serveral things need to be considered, Included in the things you need to ponder over before moving forward with this idea are the space needed for everything you need for your outdoor kitchen. Our most popular kitchens are rustic, made with flagstone and bricks. Our next most popular kitchens are modern, made with marble and grainte materials. 


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