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Sprinkler System Installation 


Automatic sprinklers systems have a variety of benefits for your yard or garden. Watering your lawn manually with a garden hose can be tiring and frustrating, you may also be over-watering or under-watering your yard or garden. With an automatic sprinkler system these dilemmas can be resolved.  Sergio's Landscape & Irrigation will desgin & install your sprinkler system with uniform coverage, at a resonable price.

Installing a sprinkler system is not very difficult with the help of knowledgeable professionals, like our team here at Sergio's Landscape & Irrigation. Some people may tell you that installing your sprinkler system is simple, and can be installed on your own. In the end, improper installation of such a system will actually cost you more money and may even damage your plants and your lawn.


Sprinkler System Repair


Even when you have a well-installed, good quality sprinkler system, it occasionally breaks down or requires maintenance. Trying to fix a sprinkler system without knowing how it’s designed can result in a sprinkler system that needs more than just one minor repair. That’s why you should always call a Sprinkler System professional.   


To adress any sprinkler systems problems, and to get the right kind or irrigation system repairs, it is best if you consult with professionals like our irrigation specialists here at Sergio's Landscape & Irrigation. 

Sprinkler System Winterization


Winterizing your irrigation system is essentially a way to protect your yard irrigation system during the freezing months of winter. What some people may not know is that not preparing your irrigatoin system for winter can cause valve, pipe, and backflow preventer damage. Schedule an appointment today to prevent expensive repairs in spring. 

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